Midnight City

Albireo, from France. ♥

There is so much I'd like to say, so many feelings I'd like to express, yet I don't have the words to do so. I believe that someday I'll find those words so I could tell the world how I feel, what I love and who I am. Meanwhile, I'll just be living this great aventure called life, and I hope I'll have a thousand memories to tell when I'll be old.

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Nana ED #3 - Kuroi Namida [Tsuchiya Anna]




i wish puberty took you to a customize your character screen

do you realize how many people would be dragons


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45.52 - Midnight (Alt) on Flickr.In the darkness before the dawn. In the swirling of this storm. When I’m rolling with the punches. And hope is gone, leave a light, a light on. -  Coldplay Kat Gatti |  Tumblr |  Instagram |  Twitter For those interested in working with me, go to  Kat Gatti